About the space

Known Space is a creative coworking office in San Francisco's Inner Sunset district. We are an independent community of designers, technologists, producers, makers, and artists.

Founded by Jafon Hakkinen, a digital designer (brand, UI, UX, Receiver Design), outdoor enthusiast and native San Franciscan.

Known Space is a hate free, socially conscious company, and advocate for social, cultural, and environmental causes.



Arts Program

Known Space, in conjunction with Guerrero Gallery, regularly showcases the works of local artists 3 times a year, with receptions for the artists and public viewing hours. 


Currently on display are site specific works by Margot Rada.

Previous artist: Sofie Ramos.


Sofie Ramos

through August 25th, 2017

Sofie Ramos and her art at Hi Work

Sofie Ramos and her art at Hi Work

Please join us for a public reception for the artist Sofie Ramos' exhibition, Friday July 28 from 5-9pm at Hi Work.

Refreshments will be provided.

About the work:
More interested in materiality than image, in movement than resolution, Sofie focuses on creating colorful and chaotic sculptural installations that conflate the art and its space, resulting from an active and nonlinear process of accumulating, arranging, reusing and reworking layers of visual material. A core concern of the work and process resides in the shifting relationships determined by the juxtaposition of elements rather than in the identity of each or the overall object/space they compose. 

In this body of work, she isolates and alters objects and symbols by taking away their function and offering alternative existences for them. By focusing on formal properties, she is able to divorce symbols from their context of meaning, put them in new contexts and accumulate them alongside other faceless or ambiguous forms. She levels out hierarchies by seeing all objects as surfaces on which to paint.

Please inquire with Guerrero Gallery for images and pricing.